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Helping couples find greater happiness, understanding and connection in their relationship



Hi, I’m Sarah and I am a Life LanguagesTM Independent Certified Communication Coach.


I am passionate about helping individuals, couples, families and teams build and maintain healthy and meaningful relationships at work and at home so that they enjoy life to the full.

We all know that both our personal and professional relationships flourish when we feel seen, heard and understood. It can be stressful when we don’t feel this and stress, if left unresolved, can cause all manner of ‘challenges’ and even breakdowns within our relationships. 


The key to any good relationship is clear and effective communications and this is where Life LanguagesTM comes in.


Life LanguagesTM is a unique and proven system which has been helping individuals, couples, and businesses flourish in their communication. It allows us to both delve into our own personal communication preferences, and develop tools to help us in effective communication with those around us. When we work out of healthy relationships we increase our contentment, productivity and we become much more able to navigate the ups and downs that life inevitably brings.

I have over 10 years of teaching experience in classrooms, seminars, one-to-one tutorials and coaching sessions. Life LanguagesTM has revolutionised the way I interact with my students and colleagues as well as my friends and family. No tool has been as useful to me in the vast range of situations that I find myself in. In each of these situations, it is so immensely helpful to be aware of how I am communicating and what the communication preferences and needs are of those I am working with. Life LanguagesTM is an invaluable tool what I now could not do without.


I want to help you on your journey to great communication and better relationships.

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"Do you only work with couples?"

No, I focus on working with couples but work with a variety of different people.
Life Languages is for everyone!

Couples & families

Strengthen your relationship as you learn about how you, your partner or family member prefer to communicate. Gain insight into how to spot when someone's communication needs are not being met

Team leaders 

Teams function best when all the members feel seen, heard and understood. Increase your team productivity and happiness by learning to communicate more effectively using all 7 Life LanguagesTM

Teachers & educators 

Every classroom contains all 7 Life LanguagesTM. Learning to teach to all 7 will allow your students to flourish in all of their Life LanguagesTM. It can improve results and aid in behaviour management

Counsellors &Therapists

When people's communication needs are not being met they go into distress which can severely affect their mental wellbeing. Life LanguagesTM is a fantastic tool to add into your repertoire in helping recognise the roots of a clients needs.

Human Resources

Being able to put together a strong team means having the right people for the right job. You might consider profiling job applicants to see how they might complement your current team


Take your own journey of self-discovery and learn more about how you as a person function. Identify potential areas of inner conflict between your communication styles and learn how to resolve them.


When you are overseeing lots of different people, many of them will speak a different first Life LanguageTM   to you. Your knowledge of Life LanguagesTM will enable you to communicate effectively will all your different staff.

and so many more...

Life LanguagesTM can help everywhere! Understanding our differences and learning to communicate with others, especially with those who communicate very differently to us is a life skill everyone should have!

Life LanguagesTM is a registered trademark.

All material used by SL Coaching has been used with permission from Life Languages InternationalTM