• Sarah

Signalling on an empty road

'Tick Tick Tick Tick'. I can hear my indicator, look around and see not a single car on the road as I make my turn.

I realised in thinking about my unnecessary signalling and realised that there were two ways of looking at what I had just done.

1) I have just wasted time executing an action simply because it has been ingrained in me because of my habits

2) I have further cemented the brain patterns needed to ensure that whenever I need to change position when I am driving, my reflex is to indicate and in so doing, keep myself and other drivers safer.

I started thinking about just how important it can be to practice the things we need, even when we don't need them, so they are reflexes, habits, skills that are easily accessible.

I can remember scores of high school students who, despite my best efforts, decided to not revise for their mock exams and when it came to their GCSE exams found that they didn't really know how to do it properly. Many did reasonably well, but most never quite made the grade I knew they could have done. How about meditation/mind calming - You don't want the first time you try to intentionally quiet your mind to be when you are super stressed. One of my current ones that I wish I had practiced when I didn't need it so much is budgeting. When you have left your salaried job to sow into your coaching business, you need to take care of the money you have saved because until that growth happens, there is not much money coming in!

And how does this play out in my relationships. Have I invested in them, practiced them when things felt easy and I didn't 'need' them? Do I have the relational equity built up to use when things get hard?

Maybe it's time to invest some more time in cultivating the things you really don't want to be without.

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