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Free Mini Profile


Find out your top Life Language™

Perfect for those who are wanting to find out a bit more about what Life Language™ can show them.

You can upgrade your profile at any time to either a personal or professional profile.

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Personal Profile


Find out your Life Language™ Profile and receive a report of up to 15 pages on your profile.

Perfect for those who want to understand their own communication preferences and how this affects their thoughts, actions and feelings.


You can upgrade your profile at any time to a professional profile.

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Professional Profile


Find out your Life Language™ Profile, receive the personal profile pack and an additional 9+ pages of insights, tips and keys to greater success.

Perfect for those who want to understand both themselves and those around them to a greater level.


Idea for those in management or those interested in knowing more about their learning preferences, acceptance levels, leadership style, susceptibility to stress and internal control .


Fundamentals of life languages Part 1

4 hour - Webinar or Seminar

A presentation of how each of the 7 Life Languages™ work and the Keys to Communication.


Attendees will:

  • Understand each Life Language™

  • Better understand their preference for communication

  • Better understand how to communicate with others. 

  • Learn the 4 keys to success for each Life Language

  • Gain increased self-awareness

  • Gain a greater understanding and appreciation for those around them who have different profiles.


This session includes a workbook.


Per person


Fundamentals of life languages Part 2

3 hour - Webinar or Seminar

A session building on and developing the understanding from the Part 1 seminar.


Attendees will:

  • Discover the essential qualities for each Life Language™ to develop

  • Learn the success habits and traits for each Life Language™

  • Discover the distress flares that each Life Language™ exhibits

  • Explore how to reduce stress/distress and create a positive, healthy and productive environment.

Highly recommended for those wanting to do a group dynamics or cross-talks session.


Per person


Fundamentals of life languages Part 1 & 2

7 hour - Webinar or Seminar

Combining fundamentals of life languages Part 1 and 2 into a full day course.


Per person


Individual coaching session

45 minute - in person or remote

A 1:1 session to unpacking your profile.


Develop a deeper understanding of you own profile and communication style.

Understand how and why you think, feel and act the way you do and potentially identify possible sources of inner or external conflict.




Individual coaching package

5+ sessions - in person or remote

Sessions will include:

  • An understanding of the Life Language™ concepts

  • Unpacking your profile

  • Understanding distress flares and distress levels

  • Identifying essential qualities to develop

  • Working thorough relationships and how to understand those around you





Cross-talks Couple's session

3 hours - in person or remote

A private 3 hr session between two individuals to explore how their Life Language™ work together


Ideal for couples who want:

  • To get to know each other better

  • To deepen their understanding of each other

  • To identify where they have potential for misunderstandings

  • Help with specific communication issues

  • To gain strategies to avoid unnecessary and unhelpful conflict.