We'd been married for 30 years when we did Life Languages. It was a real eye opener and helped us to understand each other in a whole new way! We could see why certain things, that had previously caused niggles and frustration, happened. With a few small changes in the way we communicate and an appreciation of the differences in the way we each work, life became much more peaceful! We would highly recommend this for couples or people who work together.

- Judith

Learning life languages has helped me to understand my own behaviour so much more and to realise in which situations I need to learn to communicate better.

It has given me lots of new tools that help with building relationships with others, both in my work environment and with friends and family.

The way Sarah Clarke was able to unpack my Life languages profile for me was very thorough and helpful -

I recommend her expertise and the Life languages wholeheartedly!!


I found Life Languages incredibly eye opening! I left understanding myself and loved ones better! Life languages gives you a new lens to look at communication and will help you be successful in relationships. I feel confident that this will equip me to better my relationships as I put into practice what I have learnt.  Thank you Sarah. 

- Jasmin